Peter Kiesel



Job: scientist
Peter Kiesel focuses on optical sensing systems, ultra sensitive light detection, and nitride-based light emitters. Leading the optical detection group at PARC, his current work includes research and development for compact on-chip optical detection systems targeting bio-technological and medical applications. Peter's expertise and previous experience includes developing technologies such as:
  • Micro-fluidic-based optical detection platform for on-the-flow analyte characterization;
  • Spatially modulated excitation and emission technique for single particle detection with improved signal-to-noise discrimination which will ultimately enable Point-of-Care flow cytometers;
  • Low-cost interrogation unit for wavelength-encoded optical sensors;
  • Improved light/target interaction by guiding light in the fluid containing the analyte;
  • Cavity-enhanced sensing, a method enabling on-the-flow absorption and refractive index measurements in a microfluidic device;
  • Chip-size spectrometer which enables fluorescence spectroscopy on a chip; and
  • Detection of individual bacteria based on native fluorescence.



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