Ravi Neelakantan



Job: scientist

Ravi Neelakantan is a cross-disciplinary researcher focused on generating creative solutions using principles of Chemistry, fluid mechanics and interfacial science to solve challenging problems in rheology and various printing and additive manufacturing technologies. With experience in small molecule chemistry all the way up to macroscopic scale processes, Ravi applies holistic problem-solving strategies which incorporate core science into practical solutions with commercial applicability.
Prior to joining PARC, Ravi had recently completed his M.Sc. thesis at the University of Alberta, “Effect of Shear Energy Input on the Rheology of Flocculant-Dosed Kaolinite Suspensions” which determined the fundamental mechanisms of time-dependent fluid behavior found in the mineral processing sector.
Ravi completed his B.Sc. in Chemistry at Simon Fraser University, during which time he completed several projects in organic chemistry, and had the opportunity to work for a summer at a materials chemistry start-up, modelling molecular switch behavior.



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