Richelle Dumond



Job: scientist
Richelle Dumond is a UX Researcher in PARC’s venture services group, The Refinery. She works on a variety of projects ranging from healthcare solutions to the future of work, combining the novel technologies invented at PARC with human-centered insights. She co-chairs PARC's AI Ethics Review Committee that is the recipient of an AIJ grant promoting AI Research. Before joining PARC, Richelle worked for Simon Dogger, a designer whose loss of sight hasn't stopped him from creating. As a volunteer at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas in Seattle, Richelle helped young humans to develop their creative and expository writing skills and staffed the Space Travel Supply Company. Richelle received the Louis G. Marsh Top Scholar Award in Design with which she earned her Master of Design in Interaction Design from the University of Washington. She completed a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven in her native Netherlands. Richelle can explain the difference between Holland and the Netherlands, occasionally misses broodjes kaassoufflé, and is thrilled when she receives a jar of Calvé pindakaas sent to her by her parents...