Slate Werner



Job: scientist
Slate Werner works in PARC’s Innovation Services Group where he builds strategies and experiences for emerging technologies. He focuses on building better technology for humans. He also works to shape the physical expression of PARC’s inventions by building prototypes and technology demonstrations that reflect the company’s ethos. He spent his career working with both theory and process. He’s worked with design consulting firms in California and in Asia to deliver products in the areas of electronics, furniture, transportation, and healthcare. He’s also worked in high-tech manufacturing environments around the San Francisco Bay Area and taught rapid prototyping classes at Techshop in San Francisco. Slate received his B.S. in Product Design and Development from San Francisco State University, and completed the International Design Program at Brunel University, London. His fascination with the material world is endless and defines his existence. He can commonly be found chasing light on moody days in the city, inspecting the manufacturing details of his favorite objects, or admiring the surfaces of his river-worn pebble collection.