Suresh Kumar



Job: scientist
As the Head of AI Solutions at PARC, Suresh Kumar brings PARC’s depth in AI and associated hardware (such as IIOT sensors) to commercial clients. In his role, Suresh works closely with AI researchers across PARC, and helps clients deliver ground-breaking AI innovations. Prior to joining PARC, Suresh led Financial Services AI/ML solutioning at a large consulting firm. Suresh has strong expertise in deep learning, computer vision, NLU/NLP, anomaly detection, and predictive modeling. He is currently involved in cutting-edge AI solutions/toolkits such as aspect-level opinion mining, video search by examples (find videos like a given example), retail analytics, and 3D human-body modeling. Suresh has an MBA  from NYU’s Stern School of Business, an MS in Computer Science from University of New Hampshire, and a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Delhi University. Outside of work, Suresh is passionate about teaching and has created a comprehensive MOOC called Demystifying AI, which provides and in-depth AI view for beginners/executives.