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PARC Cleanroom

A key PARC asset is our unique set of Cleanroom facilities for prototyping, growth and processing services, and transitioning technologies to the manufacturing stage. The breadth of our Cleanroom capabilities, which encompass silicon, III-V and MEMS, and our dedicated scientists set us apart from other research and design companies. We can work with you on a variety of exploratory, design and process-driven projects.

Scientific expertise

We have a team of experienced Cleanroom staff members and multiple scientists with expert knowledge of our full range of thin-film processing and epiwafer growth and processing tools.

Working to your technology needs

We work with external customers to develop new processes, build prototypes, and transition processes to manufacturing. Our clients benefit from our experience in working with semiconductor thin film materials including amorphous silicon, metal oxides, low temperature poly-silicon and III-V nitrides. Within these technologies, we have fully-developed processes and designs for building a wide variety of active devices. Our Cleanroom is one of the only facilities in the world that can work with external clients to prototype low temperature poly-silicon devices.

Breakthrough innovation

We excel in creative and flexible process development on unique substrates, including glass, plastic and silicon. We also have expertise in optical emitter device design, as well as in growing and processing high-quality epiwafer and device packaging.

If you’d like to know more about our Cleanroom and how we can work with you, please contact us below.

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Focus Areas

Our work is centered around a series of Focus Areas that we believe are the future of science and technology.

Commercialization Opportunities

We’re continually developing new technologies, many of which are available for Commercialization.


PARC scientists and staffers are active members and contributors to the science and technology communities.


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