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Working with PARC

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Explore possibilities and create technologies

When you work with PARC, you benefit from an Open Innovation business model, a portfolio of novel technologies, and decades of experience across industries, cultures and technological disciplines. Our approach to scientific creativity is unique because we form a custom, multi-disciplinary team for every project or partnership. The team you work with will assemble and grow organically, based on your innovation goals. This approach to combining expertise and capabilities has led to some of our most exciting R&D, technology and IP projects with startups, government agencies and Fortune 500 partners. We firmly believe that it’s this continuous evolution that keeps us at the cutting edge of innovation, able to rapidly build and combine the right capabilities for your needs across the technology spectrum.

By partnering with PARC, you will not only leverage the creativity, entrepreneurialism and knowledge of our people, but the insight, experience and ambition of our network in government, academia, startups and corporations. We draw from the best around us to become your dedicated research partner, thinking laterally to solve complex problems and accelerate your innovation journey.

Above all, working with PARC means benefiting from something unique. Our work is guided by your ambitions. The stage of innovation you’re at will define how you work with PARC, and we have a well-defined engagement process to ensure that you get what you need from our partnership – whether that’s early stage concept exploration and validation, proof of concept and prototype development, or commercialization of existing PARC technologies.

Whatever your innovation need, our experienced team of business development professionals will work with you to find the right partnering model.  R&D leader, science professional or startup, we can help you to explore possibilities, innovate openly, and realize your ambitions.

“PARC’s history of innovation makes them a fantastic partner for Blue Origin’s vision of opening the space frontier to new technologies, new science, and new people.”

Erika Wagner, Business Development Manager, Blue Origin

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About PARC


If you know the general direction, vision, or trend you’d like to explore, we can identify the most promising opportunity in that space, validate it, and ultimately create the offering together with you. We bring together a custom, multi-disciplinary team to rapidly identify and execute the right steps to take to bring your ambition to life.



Through client-funded R&D and internal investments, PARC has developed a rich portfolio of proprietary technologies. We can provide access to our unique technologies and ideas that can be mapped to your organizational goals and innovation challenges, and significantly reduce the time and risk to realize them.

Government Partnerships


At PARC, we help government organizations realize their ambitious goals and make a difference where it matters most. Since the original ARPANET in the 1970s, PARC has spent the last 50 years partnering with government agencies of all sizes and backgrounds, including the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Energy, NASA, NIH and every technology office within DARPA. We’re proud to share a rich legacy of innovation with our government partners.

about parc


We’re always looking for new, talented people to join PARC. If you like the sound of how we do things, and would like to work in a place where entrepreneurial scientists thrive, visit the careers page.

Additional information

Focus Areas

Our work is centered around a series of Focus Areas that we believe are the future of science and technology.

Licensing & Commercialization Opportunities

We’re continually developing new technologies, many of which are available for Commercialization.


PARC scientists and staffers are active members and contributors to the science and technology communities.


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