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Ping Mei

Ping Mei is a member of the Electronic Materials and Devices Laboratory at PARC. She is currently working on printed electronics for digital processing and device integration toward low-cost manufacturing fabrication and novel device applications.

Ping previously worked at PARC from 1992-2001, when she studied and developed various techniques for amorphous Si and poly-Si TFT fabrication, especially laser crystallization and laser doping techniques for flat panel imaging applications. In 2001, she joined Hewlett Packard Labs on a quest to develop roll-to-roll fabrication process for building electronic devices on flexible substrates. She co-invented and developed self-aligned imprint lithography for display backplane. In 2013, she returned to PARC, continuing her passion for developing disruptive technologies that may improve our lives.

Dr. Mei received her Ph.D. and B.S. degrees in physics from Rutgers University and Peking University respectively. She has over 60 issued U.S. patents and more than 60 journal publications and book chapters in the field of semiconductor materials, thin film transistors, and large-area electronics. She has received a number of individual and team awards in semiconductor and large-area electronics research area.


PARC publications

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Flat panel imagers based on excimer laser annealed, poly-Si thin film transistor technology

Spring 2001 Meeting of the Materials Research Society

16 April 2001


The integration of InGaN multiple-quantum-well laser diodes with copper substrates by laser lift-off

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics; Express Letters

1 December 2000

Integration of InGaN laser diodes with dissimilar substrates by laser lift-off

Fall 2000 Meeting of the Materials Research Society

27 November 2000

Laser processing for amorphous Si air-gap TFTs

Thin Film Transistor Technologies V, ECS 198th Meeting Proceedings

22 October 2000

High resolution, direct detection x-ray imagers

SPIE Medical Imaging 2000

13 February 2000


Laser crystallization for polycrystalline silicon device applications

Technology and applications of amorphous silicon, edited by R.A. Street

31 December 1999

Excimer laser processing for a-Si thin film transistors for imager applications

46th National Symposium of the American Vacuum Society

25 October 1999

The impact of self aligned amorphous Si thin film transistors on imager array applications

International Conference on Amorphous and Microcrystalline Semiconductors ICAMS-18

23 August 1999

Pulsed laser crystallization and doping for thin film transistors

18th International Conference on Amorphous and Microcrystalline Semiconductors

23 August 1999


Hybrid amorphous and polycrystalline silicon devices for large-area electronics

Materials Research Society Spring Meeting

14 April 1998

Laser processing of polysilicon thin film transistors: grain growth and device fabrication

18th International WE-Heraeus Workshop on Laser Crystallization and Modification of Semiconductors (LCMS 98)

26 January 1998




Large-area imaging with amorphous silicon photodiode arrays

1995 Semiconductor Device Research Symposium

6 December 1995

Laser crystallized polysilicon thin films and applications

Materials Research Society

27 November 1995





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