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Clinton J. Smith

Clinton Smith works in the cross-disciplinary field of precision sensor system research and development. Clinton’s research interest areas include nanofabrication, photonics/optics, spectroscopy, device packaging, biosensing, data analysis, algorithm development, and simulations and modeling of physical systems. He joined PARC to apply his expertise towards the development of carbon nanotube-based sensor networks for measuring methane emissions as part of the ARPA-E MONITOR program.

Previous to joining PARC, Clinton has been a member of teams that developed technology for sensing, optical communications, and data analysis applications in industries such as health, environment, space, energy, defense, and manufacturing. His previous work experience includes: the application of portable laser-sensing technology to harsh industrial field environments; development of novel mid-infrared laser sensing techniques for environmental trace-gas sensing; building first principles-based physical models and using them to guide the development of ultra-sensitive sensor systems for pharmaceutical and optical communications applications; and techno-economic analyses of sensor systems directed towards the development of effective low-cost mass production designs. 

Dr. Smith holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  While at Princeton he held a Nanotechnology for Clean Energy IGERT fellowship.


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Leveraging RF power for flexible-hybrid electronics

Powering the Internet of Everything

6 November 2017

Peel-and-Stick Sensors Powered by Directed RF Energy

ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging

27 October 2017




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