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PARC is a member of EPA-award winning Sustainable Silicon Valley and a certified Bay Area Green Business, which involved working through an extensive checklist of measures and action items including: energy and water conservation, facility and equipment operating procedures, employee practices, recycling and waste reduction, and pollution prevention.

As part of its award-winning Alternative Transportation Program, PARC provides credits and incentives to employees driving less (biking, walking) or driving smarter (public transportation, carpools) to work. The program was created to help improve the Bay Area's air quality, reduce energy usage, and relieve traffic congestion by reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles commuting to PARC. PARC also participates in related activities such as Bike to Work Day

PARC also supports a cross-organizational, employee-led Green Team. This team began as a grassroots effort with the simple goal of revamping PARC’s reduce-reuse-recycle program, but it now provides an umbrella for focusing and advancing a number of PARC environmental and community initiatives including: educational outreach; turning individual trash receptacles into recycling containers; turning cover sheets into scrap paper for local preschoolers; eliminating Styrofoam from all food areas; and doubling PARC’s recycling output.