Heads Up, Hands On

By Nicole Daphne Tricoukes, Senior Maverick in charge of the Motorola HC1 Headset Computer program

What does it take to bring an innovative idea to life?

Well, first a great idea. Then, it requires a proven framework and resources to help champion it through the development process. And sometimes, external expertise helps turn the concept into an actionable, revenue-generating opportunity.

Our idea? To redefine hands-free mobility and change how people interact with their mobile computers by creating a new category of device. One that is lightweight, stylish and intelligently allows users to access and view business-critical documents and complex schematics with just a simple voice command or turn of the head; or to quickly and simply collaborate with remote team members. No hands, laptop or fixed mobile workstation required.

That’s the power of the new HC1 headset computer from Motorola Solutions. This exciting new mobile computing concept delivers true hands-free capabilities to a wide variety of industries. And through an innovative application development collaboration with PARC and Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS), it will help revolutionize the way people naturally interface with computers and intuitively interact with virtually augmented and highly personalized content.

For more than two years, we championed the resources required to design and develop an ergonomic headset to replace, complement and augment fixed PCs, rugged laptops, and smartphones in harsh, high-altitude and extreme environments. We worked with developers to create unique applications. For example, Entervise, an IPS software application developed from PARC ingredient technology, enables hands-free access to remote experts, customized content and dynamic simulation and training applications using the HC1’s virtual 15-inch display combined with natural language processing and advanced acoustics. Enabling real-time connectivity to the cloud, networks, smartphones, and on-board sensor and camera interfaces, the HC1 with Entervise will make augmented reality practical for mobile workers across field service industries.

The power of one connected to many — that’s the HC1 difference. Working collaboratively alongside industry innovators and academic influencers, new applications are being conceived to redefine how people interface with machines. That’s radical, hands-free mobility, and coupled with the HC1, will change the way work gets done.

Great ideas are indeed born every day. But it’s excruciatingly difficult to bring something extraordinary to market. It takes drive, collaboration, dedication, and the proactive willingness to push beyond any obstacles that stand in the way. Our innovative idea – supported by the expertise of many – helped us accomplish just that and redefine a product category. Check out the new HC1 Headset Computer here.

Nicole Daphne Tricoukes is the Senior Maverick in charge of the Motorola HC1 Headset Computer program. This technology initiative is sponsored by the Emerging Business group within the Chief Technology Office in joint cooperation with the Enterprise Mobile Computing business unit. Nicole is also the driving force behind the advancement of other future innovations and emergent business concepts with external technology partners. Nicole was featured in the PARC Power of 10 event discussing Motorola’s applied technology approach to open innovation: https://www.slideshare.net/PARCInc/open-clientstory-powerof10parc.

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