NRI Gifts PARC a Cherry Blossom Tree: As the Relationship Grows, So too Will the Tree

Tadashi Shimamoto (NRI Chairman) and Stephen Hoover (PARC CEO)

Tadashi Shimamoto (NRI Chairman) and Stephen Hoover (PARC CEO)

In the spirit of continuing a firm and natural partnership, Nomura Research Institute, NRI, has gifted PARC a springtime Cherry Blossom Tree to adorn the grounds at PARC.

Earlier this year, PARC and NRI established a formal relationship to better serve forward-looking global companies based outside of the Silicon Valley, taking advantage of  PARC’s open innovation expertise. PARC, sharing its innovative research and development environment, is helping NRI customers create and grow new technologies in the areas of data analytics, innovation consulting, and security.

“Given the large interest in the Internet of Things and other data-driven applications, we are excited to work with PARC to expand and deepen our reach into our region,” said Ayumu Ueno, Senior Executive Managing Director and Member of the Board of NRI. “We’ve already been working with PARC for a few years in several customer implementations, and we are happy to formalize and expand our work together.”

Stephen Hoover commented, “Not only are we extremely happy working with the NRI team, but PARC is grateful for the gift of the beautiful tree. We were happy to host NRI at PARC this month, and look forward to working with global companies to create new products in technology new areas.”

“This tree symbolizes the combination of PARC’s state-of-the-art technologies and NRI’s unparalleled expertise in development and integration, which creates a powerful offering for companies that want to use innovation win in their markets,” said Aki Ohashi, PARC’s Director of Business Development for Asia and Australia.

Back Row: Phillip Dvorak (PARC), Tadashi Shimamoto (NRI), Stephen Hoover (PARC) Middle Row: Markus Larsson (PARC), Miwako Doi (NRI), Nori Kawazu (NRI), Ayumu Ueno (NRI) Front Row: Anurag Ganguli (PARC), Raj Minhas (PARC), Katsutoshi Murakami (NRI), Aki Ohashi (PARC)

The collaboration offers large- and medium-sized organizations the benefit of NRI’s deep experience in management consulting and system integration; and customers will receive deep insights into PARC’s key research areas, patents & IP licensing models, as well as joint innovation strategy sessions with NRI’s consultants and PARC research scientists and executives.

And, as a perfect symbol of the partnership, PARC will look forward to the tree growing and bearing much fruit.


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