On-the-Go X-Ray Detector Technology at your Fingertip

Imagine a backpack containing all of the intelligence and technology of a standard X-ray detector typically seen in airports and public buildings. PARC, in conjunction with LOGOS IMAGING, are working together on commercializing this next generation portable digital X-ray technology that is compact and rugged enough to be used anywhere in the field, at any location in the world. This PARC technology solution, which grew out of a US government funded lab exploration, has evolved into a breakthrough electronic device designed to allow use in situations ranging from IED detection in war zones to bomb detection in terrorist attacks.

PARC is licensing the entire product design to LOGOS including the sensor, imaging electronics software and mechanical design. The flexible X-ray sensor is the core element giving the product its ruggedness with compact, low-weight electronics and mechanical design enabling a single operator the ability to deploy quickly and capture multiple images to make precise assessment of potential threats in minutes.

Combined with a hand held X-ray generator, the detector can acquire an image, and display it on an Android (e.g. NettWarrior) tablet or phone to make a precise assessment of potential threats in mere minutes. No computer is required. An optional connection to the x-ray generator is available for automated image capture.

Test Runs in the Field

Prototype units are currently undergoing testing by several U.S. government agencies, including the Department of Defense. Through Logos distribution partnerships, bomb technicians throughout the world will have access to this cost-effective digital radiography solution capable of being used in any setting, no matter how remote. PARC leads the industry in developing research prototypes that transform into products that address real-life needs of customers. PARC lab solutions are catalysts in the innovations that impact the way the world communicates, connects and works at the intersection of physical and digital.

This PARC technology enables LOGOS to meet the needs of an entirely new marketplace that requires rugged, small format, ultraportable solutions designed for complex, mission critical requirements in less than optimal environments. All of these features are required by government agencies, for field deployment – and all are key elements that were created and invented at PARC. These rugged, portable, digital x-ray detectors are positioned to disrupt domestic and foreign security markets with first-of-its-kind technology.

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