PARC Awards: From Top, New Patents to Industry Accolades

Editor’s Note:  We are detailing incredible new patents awarded to PARC and recognized during our internal awards program that honors the best of the best. In 2013 alone, PARC was granted 163 patents. We’ll also take a look at some of the latest industry accolades received by members of the PARC team.

golden-acorn-250_parc (2)In 2002 PARC was incorporated as an independent subsidiary of Xerox and began practicing open innovation. That same year PARC also instituted the Golden Acorn Awards, an annual award program to recognize the most valuable patents issued each year and reflect the significance of intellectual property to PARC’s business model. The awards also emphasize the importance of the intersection of patent quality and anticipated business value.

PARC is a place where the “entrepreneurial scientist” thrives — people with that rare combination of a passion for deep research, a pioneering spirit, and the business savvy of an entrepreneur. Nominated by a peer-based group and then selected by PARC’s senior team, the recipients of the 2013 Golden Acorn Awards truly embody our culture with their groundbreaking and industry-leading work.

The following PARC inventors have made considerable contributions to PARC’s intellectual assets and demonstrated excellent patent practice. Here are the recipients of the 2013 Golden Acorn Awards:

  • Marc Mosko
    Patent:  TDMA Communication Using a CSMA Chipset
    The patent covers a technique for communicating information using an electronic device that includes an IEEE 802.11-compliant chipset.
  • Victoria Bellotti
    Patent:  Context and Activity-driven Content Delivery and Interaction
    The patent allows a computing device to deliver personally defined context-based content to a user. The device determines if the context and the current activity of the user satisfies a (previously defined) trigger condition, selects content from the database, and presents it to user.

Industry Recognition

PARC’s world-renowned scientists and researchers regularly receive outside industry accolades. Danny Bobrow, Jose Joaquin (J.J.) Garcia-Luna-Aceves, and Mike Steep were recently honored for exceptional accomplishments within their respective disciplines, ranging from software development to commercial innovation to networking.

  • The Mexican Academy of Sciences has elected J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves as a Corresponding Member in the area of Exact Sciences. The Mexican Academy of Sciences was founded to conduct research in every area of the exact, natural and social sciences, as well as the humanities and engineering, ultimately contributing to the country’s development by linking education, science, technology, and innovation. The Academy elects corresponding members annually, who are active researchers who have achieved recognition in their disciplines and significantly contributed to the development of research in Mexico while residing outside the country. Garcia-Luna-Aceves leads PARC’s research on ad hoc and wireless networking for multiple industry and government clients.
  • The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Operating Systems (SIGOPS) selected the article “Tenex, A Paged Time Sharing System for the PDP-10*,” as a SIGOPS Hall of Fame paper for the impact it has had on the field of operating systems research. Danny Bobrow, lead author, is a Research Fellow at PARC, and is currently working to develop software in the field of digital design and manufacturing. Bobrow has penned more than 100 published papers, books, and issued patents.
  • Mike Steep is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar for mediaX, the industry affiliate program to Stanford’s H-STAR Institute. Having recently presented at mediaX on Designing Digital Cities, Mike has worked with the City of London and several Chinese universities on the next big data platform layer for large metropolitan areas. Mike oversees PARC’s global commercial operations including business development, sales, strategy, and marketing, and manages the company’s global strategic relationships for clients in PARC’s diverse focus areas.

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