PARC Innovation Newsletter: May 2014 Issue – Vanishing Electronics and More

dust_100PARC Develops Vanishing Electronics
DARPA recently awarded PARC up to $2 million to design and demonstrate our Disintegration Upon Stress-Release Trigger (DUST) technology. It will allow electronic devices using full-performance microchips to disintegrate on command, leaving only tiny fragments invisible to the human eye.

Innovation_Lab_100PARC Innovation Lab: A Blueprint for Innovation Leadership
The Innovation Lab returns September 16-17! Come behind the scenes at PARC to discover how to unleash creativity, experiment efficiently, explore new business models, and manage innovation in your own organization. Register today for this exclusive event. Early bird registration ends 6/30.

9Mile_LABS-newsletterPARC Sponsors 9Mile Labs to Turbocharge B2B Startups
Our ongoing collaboration brings PARC’s unmatched intellectual property assets, technical mentoring, and rapid prototyping infrastructure to selected startups within the 9Mile Labs business-to-business (B2B) startup accelerator program.

Mobile Health Disruption Has Already BegunFeeling fabulously fit
Mobile health, an exciting application of the Internet of Things, is gaining serious momentum. Consumers are the initial drivers of this disruption, but the healthcare and corporate wellness industries’ adoption of mHealth could be even more worrisome for the commercial weight loss segment.

LeanPrivacy_NewsletterFrom Lean Startup to Lean Privacy: Turning Privacy Concerns Into Opportunities
Companies should apply a user-centered approach and Lean Startup model to privacy policies. We coin this approach “Lean Privacy” – for each minimum viable product, progress is measured in terms of satisfaction of privacy expectations, in addition to standard metrics.


PARC_Blog_Ad_250PARC Forum:  Creating Enchantment with Guy Kawasaki
May 29, 2014
Guy Kawasaki shares the secrets to being enchanting and developing influence through the “pillars of enchantment.”

Xconomy Napa Summit 2014
June 3, 2014
Markus Larsson moderates the “Bringing Humans into the Internet of Things” panel.

National Girlfriends Networking Day at PARC
June 4, 2014
Join us at PARC for a simulcast of the NGND panel in New York City.

Bloomberg Next Big Thing Summit
June 9 – 10, 2014
Steve Hoover speaks on emerging innovations.

PARC Forum: Why Would Anyone Want to Buy That?
July 1, 2014
Design gurus Don Norman and Patrick Whitney discuss how design strategy can help deliver more value.

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Just the Ticket – The Economist

US military funds Mission Impossible ‘vanishing’ tech – BBC News

PARC Partners With Seattle B2B Startup Accelerator 9Mile Labs – Xconomy

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