PARC Innovation Newsletter – November 2013 Issue

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“PARC was, is, and will remain a Frontrunner beyond the foreseeable future.”
– Ars Technica, “Ars Frontrunners: 15 companies that led and still lead tech innovation

parc-in-dc (2)PARC in D.C.
Our ongoing, flourishing relationships with ARPA-E and the U.S. Department of Energy are spurring incredible new advancements, from battery sensors to printed integral batteries. PARC recently signed a new $1.8 million contract with the DOE to develop and demonstrate our Harsh Environment Adaptable Thermionic (HEAT) sensor monitoring platform for high temperature systems. ARPA-E also announced that PARC will receive nearly $1 million for new R&D of rapid scrap metal sorting to increase recycling possibilities.

Georges_Seurat_250 (2)Innovation Services at PARC
PARC’s Innovation Services can help you identify unmet needs in the marketplace, recommend innovation practices that work, and help create products and services that sell. Innovation Principal Jeremy Clark shared his perspectives on “What are your ideas trying to tell you?” with Forbes.

printed-electronics-250-parc (3)Explosive Growth Projected for Printed and Flexible Electronics Industry

According to a recent IDTechEx report, “the total market for printed, organic, and flexible electronics is projected to grow from more than $16 billion this year to $76.8 billion in the next 10 years.” Learn about PARC’s leading-edge program and hear Janos Veres speak at PE USA on November 20 – 21.

PARC_Metamaterials250-3Design Your Own Atoms – Metamaterials at PARC
Recognizing the growing disruptive innovation opportunities, PARC started a new metamaterial initiative this fall. Metamaterials can be designed to exhibit exotic optical properties not found in natural materials, opening the door to a new world of possibilities— from realizing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak to constructing the perfect lens that can resolve features smaller than the wavelength of light.

parc-internships (2)PARC Internships – Now Accepting Applications!
We invite highly qualified undergraduate, graduate, and MBA students to apply to our internship program. Interns have the opportunity to work with leading researchers in the physical, computer, and social sciences; engage in different stages of the research and development pipeline; present their ideas; and receive authorship on publications and/or patents.


See PARC on the road!

Printed Electronics USA 2013
November 20 – 21
Visit PARC’s booth #E15 and hear Janos Veres present two sessions.

CleanTech Open – Global Forum
November 20 – 21
Visit PARC’s booth #39AB and hear Scott Elrod participate in Labs and Cleantech Entrepreneurs panel.

FT Innovate 2013
December 5
Stephen Hoover joins Industry Innovation Insights discussion.

PARC Forum – The Age of Context
December 19
Robert Scoble, Shel Israel, David Gunning.  Register here to attend.

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