PARC Innovations Update (2009 #1)

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  • Spotlight: Water purification and industrial liquid filtration
  • Featured Publication: Optical detection for biomedical applications
  • Event: Reducing information overload
  • Awards: ACM Recognizes PARC scientist as 2008 Fellow
  • PARC in the News: the case for content-centric networking; who’s messing with Wikipedia?; investment bank revisionism…

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Spotlight: Water purification and industrial liquid filtration

To transform water purification and industrial liquid filtration by reducing cost, energy, space, and material requirements, PARC has been innovating technologies for hydrodynamic separation. The U.S. Office of Naval Research has awarded a grant to PARC for “Compact High Throughput Membrane-less Pretreatment for Reverse Osmosis,” one of 12 projects selected from 205 submissions under the 2008 Chief of Naval Research Challenge program for 2009 funding.

In a related activity, prime contractor Porifera (a spin-out from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories) and subcontractors University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, Rutgers University, and PARC, won a DARPA award to develop a rapid, small-footprint, low-power, portable system for seawater desalination. The PARC technology also is suitable for municipal water treatment, wastewater reclaim, and industrial liquid clarification for biomedical, food processing, and oil/gas applications.

Featured Publication: Optical detection for biomedical applications

PARC scientists fundamentally redesign a flow cytometer’s optical detection system to enable Point-of-Care medical diagnostics in resource-limited settings — such as CD4 monitoring required for effectively treating HIV-infected patients. Read more about the enabling “spatially modulated emission” technique and its biomedical applications in Applied Physics Letters or in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology’s edited article compilation covering a focused area of frontier research. More…

Event: Reducing information overload

The Information Overload Research Group comprises a diverse set of researchers, practitioners, and technologists working together to build awareness, establish best practices, and address the problem of information overload. PARC will host the group’s second conference. More…

Awards: ACM Recognizes PARC scientist as 2008 Fellow

Recognizing contributions to computing technology that have generated a broad range of innovations to industry, commerce, entertainment, and education, the Association for Computing Machinery has recognized PARC Principal Scientist Jose Joaquin Garcia-Luna-Aceves for his contributions “to the theory and design of computer communication protocols.” More…

PARC in the News

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