PARC Innovations Update (2010 #4)

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  • Spotlight: PARC 40th anniversary
  • Videos: full panel discussions from private event
  • Engage with us: predictions, discussions, posts
  • Featured technologies: resources
  • PARC In the News: highlights from the 40th

Spotlight: PARC 40th anniversary

PARC is 40 years old, or 40 years young, depending on how you look at it. Either way, we recently celebrated our 40th anniversary with distinguished PARC alumni, employees, and media, as well as with PARC Forum attendees. While nothing can capture the live energy of our past, present, and future interacting together all at once, we’ve dedicated this special e-newsletter issue to highlights and resources for you to share and comment on. Up next: PARC’s 10-year anniversary as an independent business…in 2012.

Videos: full panel discussions from private event

Seeding the Valley: Distinguished alumni
Innovation in Action: Across the customer spectrum
The talent factor: Employee perspectives

Engage with us: predictions, discussions, posts

Here’s our (admittedly cheeky) summary of what people suggested PARC would or should be working on in the next 40 years — includes video highlights of live predictions:
read, watch, share your thoughts
At our most recent public PARC Forum, current employees discussed themes that emerged from the 40th event, such as innovation in a shifting landscape (and its related tensions); opinions of future technologies; and answers to audience questions — uncut:
watch online
“So, what’s your secret sauce?” In which we attempt to address this question… while also examining the usual suspects in the world of open innovation:

Featured technologies: resources

Content-centric networking: Named data networking for a new internet architecture
Ethnographic services: How people meet technology
Novel electronics: From materials to components to devices
Clean water: Scalable, hydro-dynamic separation
Social system intelligence: Streams, memes, and recommendations
Intelligent Automation
Networking cloud operating system: PowerCloud Systems, a PARC-incubated spinout
Information in context: Meshin, Xerox-funded startup incubated at PARC

PARC In the News: highlights from the 40th

Innovation PARCs here – San Jose Mercury News (cover story)
PARC turns 40: mice, money, and the new interwebs – The Register
PARC Turns 40: The ‘Oldest Startup’ Preps for the Future – PCMag
PARC celebrates its 40 years of Silicon Valley innovation – CNET
Inside the labs of PARC – SmartPlanet

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Licensing & Commercialization Opportunities

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