PARC Innovations Update (2010 #6)

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“Best” blog posts

Here are the 2010 blog posts you engaged with the most, in terms of trackbacks, comments, and more:

  • CCN now supports Android — In which we argue that yesterday’s network architecture simply does NOT suit today’s proliferation of multimedia, data, and mobility in a broadly connected world – and offer an open, universal architecture in an experimental, open-source implementation.
  • Defining ubiquitous computing vs. augmented reality — For people who love terminology debates and buzzy paradigms (Virtual Reality, Pervasive Computing, Mobile Computing, Wearable Computing, Cloud Computing, Ambient Intelligence, Context-Aware Computing, Machine Perception, Smart Environments, Everyware), we say, you can call it whatever suits your fancy. What really matters is…
  • Ethnography in industry: Objectives? + Ethnography in industry: Methods overview — The titles say it all, but to sum it up: 1. What is it? 2. What’s it good for (in my business)? 3. There’s a method to the madness.
“Best” videos

From our 40th anniversary celebrations, of course!

  • From AllThingsDigital
  • The business of breakthroughs
“Best” PARC Forums

This one’s really hard — is it the attendance, the quality of the talk, audience engagement based on questions? We don’t know*, but here are some that fell into all of the above:

  • Atoms are the New Bits – Chris Anderson, Wired
  • Good Boss, Bad Boss – Bob Sutton, Stanford
  • How Wikimedia is Scaling Open Source Innovation – Wikimedia Foundation

*Oh and while you’re at it, please fill out this brief survey about PARC Forum

“Best” publications

This one’s even harder — there are so many measures of success, from influence to popularity to source to just really interesting work. Here are some options to consider:

  • Scientific foundations: a case for technology-mediated social-participation theory + Advancing the design of technology-mediated social participation systems — in a special issue of IEEE Computer November 2010
  • Materials and applications for large area electronics: solution-based approaches — in Chemical Review December 2010
  • AI Space Odyssey — in a special section co-edited by one of our own in IEEE Intelligent Systems September/October 2010
“Best” news

Okay. This is completely subjective, we know that.

*not in the newsroom yet: if you’re a Tron fan, be sure to read this


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