PARC Innovations Update (2011 #2)

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Spotlight: What is PARC Forum? And how you can participate

A platform for exchanging insights with leading experts in a variety of areas, PARC Forum is our invited speaker series that is open to the public (free; no registration required). You can attend in person or catch up on talks online — watch the livestream at (when permitted by speaker), embed videos from, and see the latest schedule and complete PARC Forum multimedia archive at Currently, we are running a series on the “Entrepreneurial Spirit”:
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Featured videos: digital distribution over networks; enabling novel electronics

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Digital Distribution:
The Internet has become a media distribution network, but was designed to be a communications network. How can we address these evolving network architecture needs today, and capture opportunities for the future? PARC Research Fellow Van Jacobson closed our expert speaker series on The Future of Networking with this talk on content-centric networking:
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Enabling printed and flexible electronics:
Printed and flexible electronics enables form factors and integration of functionality in systems not previously feasible with conventional electronics technologies. To move beyond today’s electronics technologies and shift towards new applications and manufacturing approaches, we need solution-processed electronic materials – which can be deposited and patterned with tools commonly used in the printing and graphics design industry. Watch the closing talk in our expert speaker series on Novel Electronics:
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People: PARC Networking Scientist Wins Prestigious Technical Achievement Award from the IEEE Computer Society

Given to only five recipients, this prestigious award recognizes outstanding and innovative contributions – within the past 10-15 years – to the fields of computer and information science and engineering or computer technology. Dr. J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves was recognized for his “pioneering contributions to the theory and design of communication protocols for ad-hoc wireless networks”. J.J. currently leads research on ad-hoc and wireless networking for multiple industry and government clients at PARC.
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Resources: novel electronics market innovation; clean water from seawater

Building a delivery-oriented ecosystem:
Novel flexible, organic, inorganic, and printed electronics are not emerging markets – they’re enabling technologies. How do companies and organizations that have such enabling technologies or competencies identify and address their potential markets, while adapting as market conditions dictate?
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Hydrodynamic separation (HDS) for seawater intake & RO desalination pre-treatment:
The cost of desalinated seawater is still higher than that of fresh water from conventional sources. PARC’s technology can potentially address capital expenditures, energy costs, and environmental concerns, which are important considerations in desalination facilities.
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In the News: PARC building cleantech portfolio

Green Car Congress covers PARC technology (shared at the recent ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit) on co-extrusion printing of novel battery electrodes and carbon-neutral renewable liquid fuels from atmospheric CO2. Read the article — and especially the comment exchange!
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