PARC Innovations Update (2011 #3)

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Spotlight: Ubiquitous computing for business

Coined at PARC in the 1990s, Ubiquitous Computing (“UbiComp”) continues to interweave computing – from smartphones to social networks – more deeply into human life than ever before. How can companies incorporate this game-changing technology into their products and services, while making better decisions about build vs. buy? How does ubicomp fit into the landscape of other trends? In this talk, PARC ubicomp manager Bo Begole shares how executives, technology managers, entrepreneurs, and inventors can understand and exploit the disruptive business possibilities of ubiquitous computing:
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Event: Tomorrow – PARC at GigaOm Structure

GigaOm’s flagship conference, Structure (June 22-23) brings together the most influential thinkers on cloud computing and Internet infrastructure. PARC Vice President Teresa Lunt will be discussing evolving network architecture:
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Featured focus area: Content-centric networking

Networks are no longer about simply getting messages from point A to B – now, it’s all about ubiquitous devices, multimedia, collaboration, and sharing across networks and content everywhere. Yet network limitations impact every part of the ecosystem – from carriers to publishers – and operators need solutions beyond marginal improvements on existing solutions and tools. PARC’s Content-Centric Networking (CCN) is a new network architecture designed to match the way the network already works, and to address the problems people are trying to solve:
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Try it out: Meshin, a tool for bringing order to communication chaos

In the information-overloaded Grand Central Station of our lives, Meshin — a Xerox-funded project incubated at PARC — brings order to communication chaos. This smarter personal assistant moves beyond the inbox (and platform-isolated social graph) to join all your conversations, calendars, and contacts into a meaningful way that gives you the context you need to get things done. Try out the mobile private beta here:

News: significant works in ethnography and ubiquitous computing; contextual intelligence; the “first church of technology”

PARC researchers recently published books on Ethnography and Ubiquitous Computing. Both books highlight how innovations and business applications in these areas have – and can give – companies a real competitive edge… especially today, when products are at risk of being commoditized, the services sector increasingly dominates economic activity, and global competition is intensifying.
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“Context Awareness, Contextual Intelligence, and Information Overload” — Real-time IDC Research opinion on industry news, trends, and events — Susan Feldman
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“A tour around ‘first church of technology’ PARC” — Scobleizer — Robert Scoble
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“25 ways IT will morph in the next 25 years” — Computerworld — Carolyn Duffy Marsan
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