PARC Innovations Update (2011 #6)

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NEWS: Printed memory enables the Internet of Things… Here’s how.

Thinfilm and PARC together unveiled the world’s first scalable printed CMOS memory. The working prototype of the world’s first printed non-volatile memory device addressed with complementary organic circuits represents a significant milestone toward the mass production of low-cost, low-power ubiquitous devices key to the “Internet of Things.” Read the release and see what others are saying:
Technology Review | GigaOM | EE Times |  The Register

VIDEOS: The Economist asks, we answer… on the business of breakthroughs

PARC CEO Stephen Hoover shares insights on the business of invention, employing laser-printer know-how to clean water, and creating an internet of content in this interview with The Economist:
watch video online

Meanwhile: how does the U.S. government innovate?
In his first public appearance, Chief Information Officer of the United States Steven VanRoekel shares his priorities for federal IT, innovation, and more. Held at PARC.
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DOWNLOAD: How can people maximize social network updates…for relevance, credibility, quality?

Winner of the Best Paper Award at the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Social Computing: PARC co-authored paper on “Finding credible information sources in social networks based on content and social structure”
download PDF here

EVENTS: The ubiquitous computing topic is, er…ubiquitous

NExTWORK is an interdisciplinary conference series supported by The Economist and Wired featuring world-renowned business leaders, technologists, and thinkers on networks and digital issues and opportunities. PARC principal scientist Bo Begole will be sharing insights on innovations for user interfaces and lessons for enterprises as physical and digital worlds continue to converge.
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PARC also spoke at these recent events on the Internet of Things, future of location-based services, building next-generation mobile platforms, context-aware information, and more:
GigaOM Mobilize – video available | Geo-Loco | CTO Forum Roundtable | Locations & Beyond Summit | IPSO Alliance

OPPORTUNITY: 2012 internship applications…now open

Check out our newly available internships for 2012 (which also provide a bit of a sneak peek into what we’re working on!). PARC interns are fully integrated into our culture and have the opportunity to be mentored by leading scientists in their fields, present their work, and author papers or patents.
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