PARC Innovations Update (2012 #1)

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NEWS: Open innovation in practice; prestigious industry innovation award

As part of our year-long “Power of 10” celebration of 10 years practicing open innovation, PARC is hosting 10 speakers on 10 aspects of innovation at PARC Forum. Speakers include Clayton Christensen, John Kao, Geoffrey Moore, Hal Varian, and others. PARC is also hosting an intimate, half-day innovation conference in April featuring keynotes by Henry Chesbrough and Michael Raynor.

Based on criteria such as ingenuity of product design, potential market adoption, and successful revenue generation, PARC and Thinfilm won the FlexTech Alliance Innovation Award for Achievement in Innovation (FLEXI) for “the world’s first working prototype of a printed, non-volatile memory device addressed with complementary organic circuits”.
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DOWNLOAD: Paper on “Integrating local and remote worlds through ‘channel blending'”

This paper by PARC and Sony shares an emerging pattern of communication and sharing where people “blend” local and remote interactions and content over multiple channels, times, and places into one coherent conversation (the opposite of multitasking). Based on ethnographic studies, the paper discusses ways technology could better support this phenomenon.

PODCAST: Expert insights on progress in printed electronics

Solid State Technology editor Pete Singer interviewed Janos Veres, manager of PARC’s printed and flexible electronics area, in this ElectroIQ podcast.

EVENTS: PARC on the road in March 

  • Exponential Technologies Executive Program (March 2-4, Los Angeles) — PARC CEO Steve Hoover is participating at this invitation-only event by Singularity University and hosted at Fox Studios. The conversations with leading scientists and technologists, CEOs, government leaders, celebrities, and decision makers will focus on how exponentially growing technologies can be used to solve humanity’s grand challenges.
  • Hollywood IT Summit 2012 (March 2, Los Angeles) — PARC VP Teresa Lunt is delivering a keynote on Content-Centric Networking and achieving efficiency without compromising web privacy
  • Licensing Executives Society 2012 Winter Meeting (March 12, Los Angeles) — PARC VP Damon Matteo will be speaking on Licensing Startups

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