PARC Innovations Update (2012 #2)

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EVENTS: Insights on innovation from the “Power of 10”

As part of our year-long “Power of 10” celebration for our 10th birthday as an independent subsidiary, PARC hosted a half-day innovation conference in April. Keynote speakers included Henry Chesbrough on open innovation and Michael Raynor on disruptive innovation. Combining theory with practice, each expert presentation was immediately followed by concrete experiences from clients representing different aspects of PARC’s business model.
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We’re continuing momentum around the “Power of 10” with 10 talks on 10 aspects of innovation — part of the PARC Forum invited expert series. Speakers so far have included Clayton Christensen, Geoffrey Moore, and Hal Varian. Don’t worry if you missed these talks, you can catch up online at the link below. Up next: John Kao on Innovation: Improvisation & Mastery (June 7); Gary Hamel on Innovation: Leadership (June 14); BJ Fogg on Innovation: Psychology (June 21)
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NEWS: Internet Hall of Fame; industry consortium for content-centric networking

The Internet Society honored PARC Research Fellow Van Jacobson as one of the landmark “Innovators” who made outstanding technological, commercial, or policy advances that helped expand the Internet’s reach. Jacobson was inducted into the inaugural Internet Hall of Fame along with Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee, and others.
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Launched by PARC this year, the Emerging Networks Consortium (ENC) held its inaugural meeting here in April. The ENC brings together several global organizations in different industry sectors to innovate, collaborate, and exchange experiences based on content-centric networking implementations across various application domains. The inaugural meeting included delegates from member companies Alcatel-Lucent, BT, France Telecom-Orange, Huawei, MACH, Panasonic, and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., as well as delegates from UCLA and the NSF-funded Named Data Networking program.
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RESOURCE: Changing how electronics are made

This Industrial+Specialty Printing cover story article by PARC scientist Gregory Whiting describes how novel manufacturing platforms enable broader application spaces that are complementary — and disruptive — to conventional semiconductor fabrication.
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