PARC Innovations Update (2012 #3)

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DEFINITIONS & DISCUSSIONS: open innovation and disruptive innovation

Open innovation has moved from business phrase and concept to business reality and practice. But defining it is not as simple as “open” + “innovation”…
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The iPhone wasn’t a disruptor of mobile phones, it was a disruptor of portable computers. Why does this distinction matter?
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IN THE MARKETPLACE: Opportunities with printed electronics

One of PARC’s key printed electronics partners, Thin Film Electronics ASA (Thinfilm) , was selected by Bemis, a Fortune 500 supplier of flexible packaging and pressure sensitive materials, to develop a flexible sensing platform for the packaging market. The result will be a new category of packaging that can collect and wirelessly communicate sensor information, for use by leading food, consumer products, and healthcare companies worldwide:

sensors are about to disrupt your industry [Fast Company article]
global flexible electronics market to reach $25.9 billion [analyst report including PARC]

DEBATES: Who drives innovation?

Are the problems of tomorrow too big for the entrepreneurs of today? Arguing for this proposition, PARC CEO Steve Hoover participated in the first annual Great Silicon Valley Oxford Union Debate hosted by the Churchill Club. On a separate but related note, catch up on this recent debate on WHO invented the Internet:

  • in Wall Street Journal: “It’s also important to recognize that building great technology businesses requires both innovation and the skills to bring innovations to market.”
  • in LA Times: “Private enterprise had no interest in something so visionary and complex, with questionable commercial opportunities.”

PARC IN THE NEWS: 10 years after; printing 3-D; gaming

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IN THE COMMUNITY: art and donations on finding strength

PARC is currently hosting a photography exhibit by Lynn Blodgett on “Finding Strength”, a series depicting the faces and humanity of America’s homeless, veterans, migrant workers, people with atrial fibrillation, and others. 100% of the donation for these photos will go to the charity of the purchaser’s choice. This exhibit is part of the Art@PARC series, which brings art to PARC in a variety of mediums and showcases local artists quarterly.

artist bio and statement
artist reception [open to public]

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