PARC Innovations Update (2012 #5) – Innovations and Inventions With Impact

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INVENTIONS WITH IMPACT:  PARC, IPS, and Motorola Solutions

PARC and Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) recently announced the launch of the IPS Entervise™ solution for the Motorola Solutions HC1 headset computer. Entervise, a voice-driven, hands-free remote field service solution, is fully integrated with Motorola’s HC1 headset computer.

PARC provides the core augmented reality technology embedded in the back-end server software, which runs the communications, compression, security, and algorithms needed to send, receive, and annotate audio, video, text, and voice in real time.

read the article “Heads Up, Hands On” by Nicole Daphne Tricoukes, Senior Maverick in charge of the Motorola HC1 Headset Computer program
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DEVELOPMENT:  PARC Awarded California Energy Commission Grant to Treat Wastewater 

PARC was chosen by the California Energy Commission to receive a $1 million grant to demonstrate a new technology for wastewater treatment in California. Hydrodynamic Separation (HDS), PARC’s breakthrough clean water platform technology, separates particles from water without using physical filters. HDS is particularly suited to recovering valuable material from liquids, and is a modular, scalable technology that can address both large treatment facilities and portable applications. The goal of this project is to help plants to become energy neutral.

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MIT Technology Review – PARC Cuts Energy Waste in Waste Water

POWER OF 10:  A Year in Review

In 2012, PARC celebrated 10 years of practicing open innovation, a major milestone since being incorporated as an independent subsidiary of Xerox in 2002. Over the past year, the renowned PARC Forum featured a “Power of 10” series featuring 10 speakers, including Clayton Christensen, BJ Fogg, John Kao, Geoffrey Moore, and more, on various topics across the innovation landscape. PARC CEO Stephen Hoover recently concluded the series.

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SPOTLIGHT:  Printed Electronics

The market for flexible, printed, and organic large-area electronics is rapidly growing. To help our clients realize the potential for novel electronic materials, devices, and systems, PARC deploys its expertise in materials characterization, device and circuit design, and builds and delivers industrial-strength electronic prototypes that demonstrate functionality and/or manufacturability.
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PE USA – PARC recently exhibited and presented at PE USA, including a sold-out tour of PARC.

AWARD – PARC and Thin Film Electronics ASA were named a runner-up for The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award 2012 in the Semiconductors and Electronics category. The winners and runners-up represent disruptive breakthroughs from conventional ideas and methods.
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INNOVATION – PARC and Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. entered a client relationship to apply and implement novel material technologies of Samsung Fine Chemicals in innovative printed transistor prototypes, including cell phones, TVs, tablets, and laptop displays.
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