PARC Innovations Update (2013 #1) — CI, Networks, and Toothpaste-inspired CoEx Technology for Batteries

Contextual Intelligence (CI) Software Platform for the Automotive Industry

From infotainment services and content personalization to sensor-based user intelligence, PARC’s CI platform offers a personalized driving experience rooted in rigorous scientific research. PARC’s breakthrough, cloud-based software also delivers unified smart information feeds and prioritization of a driver’s messages, including email, Facebook, Twitter, text, and more.

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PARC’s battery technology portfolio focuses on users getting the most out of today’s batteries. We’re hard at work on disruptive developments that address the critical challenges holding batteries back in industries from automotive, to airline, to electric grid support.

Printed Integral Battery Project
PARC recently launched the Printed Integral Battery Project to reduce cost and improve performance for electric vehicles, consumer  electronics, and more. It leverages PARC’s invention of co-extrusion (CoEx) technology, which was literally inspired from one researcher’s “aha!” moment while looking at striped toothpaste.

Read PARC’s article “Printing Batteries: Total Extrusion Zone” in The Economist
Watch the IDG News Service video “Better Solar Panels and Batteries… Inspired by Toothpaste”

SENSOR Battery Management System
Today we rely on external readings to estimate a battery’s internal conditions, resulting in batteries that are larger, heavier, and moreco-extruson_montage-parc (3) costly than required.

PARC’s Smart Embedded Network of Sensors with Optical Readout (SENSOR) system is a cost-effective solution for embedded real-time battery sensing to reduce the size, improve operational safety, and provide unprecedented accuracy in measuring battery charge and health.

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Emerging Networks Consortium (ENC) Spring Summit 2013 and Ethernet 40th Anniversary

ENC Spring Summit 2013
Alcatel-Lucent, British Telecom, France Telecom-Orange, Hitachi Data Systems, Huawei, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronicsenc_final_100-logo (3) Co., Ltd., and Tellabs joined together at PARC for the third ENC member summit. “CCNx: Towards 1.0” included a lively and interactive discussion of plans, ideas, and goals for the next major phase of Content-Centric Networking (CCN) development.

The meeting concluded with an energizing call from Ethernet father Bob Metcalfe to stay the course on the ENC’s collaborative approach to CCN development. He pointed to Ethernet’s success as a result of the “coopetition” by the major technology players along with end customers as a valid model for ENC to follow today.

Learn more about ENC memberships to collaborate and join us for the ENC Fall Summit 2013 with a focus on business issues and CCN.

Ethernet 40th Anniversary
PARC celebrated the 40th anniversary of Ethernet at the Ethernet Innovation Summit, joining Bob Metcalfe, Dave Boggs, and other networking pioneers. The day began with Bob and several panelists recalling the heady days of developing Ethernet and waging the war among the various network architectures, and concluded with provocative discussions on where networking is headed today and beyond.

Photo by Kris Admundson

Photo by Kris Admundson

This truly global celebration of the invention and enduring benefits of Ethernet included a cold, but not chilly, tribute from the networking team at the South Pole, shown here with patch cables and a network switch in honor of this historic milestone.


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PARC Hard at Work to Solve Problems in Healthcare, Batteries, Traffic

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