The New PARC Website is Live!

Our new website is live!

After months of working on how best to share PARC’s research, people, resources and stories with you, the new PARC website has officially launched and can be found at the usual

The goal of our new website was to make it easier to find the information you care about, while also communicating clearly who PARC is today, what cool projects we’re working on at the moment, and how you can collaborate with us.

What’s new

Look and feel: PARC has evolved over the years. Updating our look and feel was important to reflect who we are today. Almost all of the photographs on our website are real, authentic PARC scientists, labs and projects, not stock images. We’ve also updated our messaging to better communicate what we’re all about today and what excites us for the future.

Easier navigation: PARC works on a lot of different research. We wanted to organize this diverse work into a structure that was easy to navigate. That’s why you can now find our expertise organized into 6 Focus Areas, within which are 21 specific Competencies and 9 Commercialization Opportunities. So whether you’re interested in our AI research or our Hyperspectral Imaging Technology, you can find it easily.

Case studies: We wanted to share more examples of how we help partners, from startups to Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, achieve breakthrough innovations. These new case studies highlight real-world success stories from some of our most recent and exciting partnerships.

Resources: From Information Sheets to Publications to Videos, PARC has a wealth of helpful resources we wanted to make easily available. We have a rich legacy of inventing the future, which is why we’ve made all of our resources, from the way back to the most recent, easy to find and enjoy.

We hope you enjoy

The new PARC website is the result of months of interdisciplinary discussions, explorations, workshops, and development work, together with our brand and web agency, Octopus Group. A lot had changed since our last website launch, so we went back to the drawing board to think about how our website should best serve our audience today.

The PARC story is a rich and ongoing one, and our website is an important part of how we share that with you. A lot of fun and hard work went into this website, and now we’re excited to share it with you.

We’re happy to hear what you think. Feel free to email us your thoughts or suggestions: We’re continually working to make our website and the content on it as useful and interesting for you as possible.

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Additional information

Focus Areas

Our work is centered around a series of Focus Areas that we believe are the future of science and technology.

Licensing & Commercialization Opportunities

We’re continually developing new technologies, many of which are available for Commercialization.


PARC scientists and staffers are active members and contributors to the science and technology communities.