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PARC Forum is our invited speaker series — and public platform — for exchanging insights and building relationships with leading experts in a variety of areas. An amazing variety of speakers including Nobel Prize laureates, CEOs, industry-leading thought leaders and other personalities (all sans honoraria and free of charge to the public!) have participated in the series since its inception in 1977.

You can watch recent videos on our website at (in-browser flash searchable by series, topic, and/or year) and on our Slideshare channel (in HTML5 and mobile-viewable on iPads, iPhones, Android devices).

Here are some options for your vacation viewing pleasure…

Recent series

To round out perspectives on specific themes, most of our recent series feature a mix of thought leaders, researchers, academics, business leaders, practitioners, policymakers, and/or application-tool providers whenever possible.

  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit. Includes talks by Eric Ries on Lean Startups, Vivek Wadhwa on conditions for supporting entrepreneurship, SV Angel’s David Lee on angel funding for companies, HBR’s Teresa Amabile on igniting creativity at work, John Hagel on technology and passion, Nilofer Merchant on subversive collaborators, and Paul Kedrosky on data exhaust.
  • Ethnography in Industry. Includes perspectives from some of the world’s leading ethnographers including Genevieve Bell, Paul Dourish, IDEO, Steven Barley, and Steve Portigal.
  • The Future of Networking. Includes perspectives on content, architecture, platforms, and data.
  • Novel Electronics. Includes perspectives spanning applications and device integration, materials and processes, semiconductor-based circuits, and enabling components such as memory.
  • Ubiquitous Computing: Mobility. Includes topics such as location-based advertising… as well as talks by co-founder and CTO of Siri on Siri and the future of virtual personal assistants, and Vint Cerf on mobile information.
  • OPEN. Covers various aspects of “open”, including talks on open development by Linux Foundation’s Jim Zemlin, and on open manufacturing and making by Chris Anderson… as well as topics such as open social web, open leadership, and more.

PARC talks

Most of our recent series include or closed with PARC-affiliated speakers on:

  • How Technology is Recreating the 21st-century Economy — PARC visiting researcher and economic theory pioneer W. Brian Arthur
  • The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Digital Distribution — PARC Research Fellow and internet pioneer Van Jacobson
  • Disruptive and open innovation — PARC VP of Business Development Tamara St. Claire
  • Ubiquitous computing for business — PARC area manager and principal scientist Bo Begole

Popular talks

Finally, we’ve embedded a few other popular talks below. Enjoy!

The Last Monarchy: The Inevitable Fall of Hierarchy and the Birth of the Intelligent Organization [PARC Forum]

Good Boss, Bad Boss [PARC Forum]

Feral Technologies: An ethnographic account of the future [PARC Forum]


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