Large-Area Thin-Film Electronics


With a deep knowledge of materials, processes, system design, and printing technologies applied across multiple domains, PARC has the understanding of materials and devices (as well as the technology) to create novel system prototypes, based on lithography and printing technology.

Our scientists create large-area electronic systems with thin-film semiconductors, including amorphous and poly-crystalline silicon, organics, and oxides. We provide this technology and research to companies in the display supply chain and consumer electronics industry, as well as to IT businesses, government agencies and materials suppliers to the flexible electronics market.

Our work is built on the understanding that displays, x-ray detectors, solar cells, and flexible sensor systems all require uniquely different electronics from silicon-integrated circuit technology. Examples of our work include:

  • Fab-ready imaging and display prototyping, including amorphous silicon, metal oxides and poly-silicon (LTPS), as well as experience in transfer to manufacturing
  • Novel functionality devices, including ultrasonic imaging, novel display formats, flexible displays, neutron imaging, transient electronics, flexible substrates and transparent electronics
  • Cleanroom processing, including mask design and full processing capability for prototypes, flexible electronics; a-Si, LTPS, oxides, organics, processing of unconventional material (for example, oxides, organics, nanowires, MEMS, E-beam lithography), and electronic systems for imaging and display

You can find out more about our Large-Area Thin-Film Electronics technology by downloading our Information Sheet.

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