System Prognosis and Health Management


Reliability is critical to today’s infrastructure systems – be it trains, HVAC or smart manufacturing. But as budgets continue to be stretched, maintenance, operations, manufacturing and design teams must find ways to maximize system life without compromising safety and operational uptime.

Our MOXI™ IIoT System Analytics solution empowers engineers, operators and maintenance personnel to manage and improve the health and reliability of critical systems across a broad range of industries. With a strong foundation in model-based methods to facilitate potent first-principle representations of systems, We enable high-accuracy (greater than 90%) reliability, low false alarm rates and relevant field-deployable solutions. Our cross-disciplinary technology suite includes software and hardware that leverage our key skills – sensing, modeling, diagnostics, machine learning, predictive analytics, rapid prototyping, artificial intelligence capabilities – as well as our patent portfolio.

In the area of system prognosis and health management, we are working towards enabling a world in which self-aware, self-adaptive systems manage themselves autonomously with minimal human intervention, therefore taking system performance, maintenance and reliability to new levels.

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