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Innovation is inherently risky, but that risk can be managed through a rigorous and methodical, user- and business-centric approach that assesses the impact of a technology with minimal investment. PARC’s Innovation Services methodology strategically combines industrial, interface and service design with ‘lean startup’ style product value exploration. This means our partners and clients can tackle more ambitious projects while remaining prudent with their time and resources. Ultimately, they can be more confident in the risks they take.

We work with customer needs, client goals and emerging technologies all at the forefront. Our Innovation Services Group applies principles of user experience design and directly observes people as they work, play and live. This information and insight informs a large toolbox of rapid concept exploration methods – from 3D printed product simulations to fully functional cloud-based services – to explore product concepts. More than just explorations of product appearance or usability, or walls covered with sticky notes, PARC’s process is grounded in meticulous business value hypotheses. In addition, it is enhanced by our unique ability to tap into teams of scientists with deep expertise across multiple technical domains.

Our clients recognize that the need to innovate is essential for maintaining a robust product development pipeline and to compete in their respective core industries. Sometimes they struggle to expand into new areas beyond their traditional, core capabilities and sense the risk involved in doing so.  Sometimes innovation is not a true internal strength and the fresh perspective of an external team is refreshing – especially from partner with a well-tested, milestone-based approach that reduces risk and a proven track record for disruptive technology innovation. That’s where we come in.

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