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Ultra-Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors: Materials Opportunities and Challenges
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42nd Annual GOMACTech Conference Technologies for Secure Spectrum Access from DC to Light

23 March 2017



Ultra-wide-bandgap (UWBG) materials have the potential to access levels of performance that are extraordinarily superior to those of the currently available narrower-bandgap materials. Areas of impact include high-power and RF electronics as well as passive components, deep-UV optoelectronics, and extreme-environment applications. Several UWBG materials, in particular, high-Al-content AlGaN, Ga2O3, and diamond, have advanced to the point where their tantalizing advantages are realizable. This presentation will provide an overview of the status of these materials and the opportunities and challenges for further advancement. This will include other, less-mature UWBG candidates and the challenge of controlled doping, which cross-cuts all UWBG materials. (Extended abstract uploaded as pdf) Comments: This is for an invited talk in a special session of GOMACTech-17 Conference entitled \"Session 35: Ultra Wide Band Gap Semiconductors.\" I will be one of four speakers highlighting the findings from a comprehensive review on the status of UWBG semiconductors, materials, and applications.\" My contribution to the report has been cleared in the following: https://pcweb.parc.xerox.com/pubs/detail.aspx?pubNum=2016211 This Extended Abstract contains No PARC patentable information.