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Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare: Focus on Comorbidities (Co-occurrence of Multiple Chronic Conditions)
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Chronic conditions have been one of the main challenges in modern healthcare systems. The striking news is that more and more people are living not just one but multiple chronic conditions. The healthcare needs of people with multiple chronic conditions (Comorbidities) are often complex as a consequence of their composite health situation. In current practices, clinicians are treating each of the chronic conditions of their expertise in a Comorbidities scenario in isolation while the better approach will be to look at the Comorbidities beyond just a composition of a disjoint subset of multi-morbidities.

Part of this talk, I will give a brief summary of the state of the art in comorbidity analysis. Then, I will move to our work on applications of deep learning using healthcare data to predict mortality for congestive heart failure patients. I will also give a summary of how deep learning algorithms can help predict the progression of diseases in cases of comorbiditie