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Beyond Print — Deploying Open Innovation in the 21st Century
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EFI Connect 2018

23 January 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada



How might different companies think about innovation in the new emerging “cyber-physical” world? With the rapid pace of change, the stakes are higher than ever before.
PARC has been in the “business” of innovation for 40+ years, helping organizations navigate the complex, ever-changing world of science and technology, assess emerging scientific frontiers and empowering them to make better technology investments for the future. Find out how PARC is innovating using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, data analytics, augmented reality and printed electronics.

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Printed Electronics: From Vision to Disruption
Markus Larsson
13 March 2018 | Munich, Germany
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The Ghost in the Smart Machine (Panel)
Tolga Kurtoglu, Panelist
22 March 2018 | Chicago, IL
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Robots, AI and the Future of Work (Plenary Session)
Tolga Kurtoglu
17 April 2018 | Miami, FL
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Bringing Reliable (and Transparent) AI to Business (Keynote)
Tolga Kurtoglu, Keynote Speaker
26 April 2018 | Seattle, WA
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