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Executive Briefing: Making Reliable and Trustworthy AI Systems a Reality
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Advanced technologies are giving us new ways to think about how to build and deploy new things and improve upon existing systems. Soon, everything physical will be tapping into digital with the internet of things. Many industries are adding intelligence through a combination of sensors, software, AI, and security to help make our lives more efficient—from cars, drones, trains, rail, and airlines to service robots, delivery robots, military vehicles, teachers, and healthcare providers services to smart refrigerators and smart ovens. More computing power, more data, and more context are giving us what we need to march toward a world where cyberphysical systems will be everywhere.

Tolga Kurtoglu walks you through the advanced technology needed to implement cyberphysical systems, covering the right hardware to sense the right data, explainable AI, and designing security for trustworthy operations. Along the way, Tolga shares case studies and examples of advanced tech deployments.