2013 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit — visit PARC’s booth



Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center 2013-02-25


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2013 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit — visit PARC’s booth

The ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit and Technology Showcase is designed to bring together key players from across the energy ecosystem – researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, and government officials – to share ideas for developing and deploying the next generation of energy technologies. The Summit's unique combination of leaders makes it the perfect forum for developing energy solutions that will enable America to out-innovate our global competitors.

Visit PARC's Booth #820 at the Technology Showcase to learn about:

PARC's SENSOR: Smart Embedded Network of Sensors with Optical Readout.

PARC and LG Chem Power (LGCPI)  are developing an optically-based, smart monitoring system prototype for electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The system will use PARC's compact wavelength-shift detection technology and machine learning/sensor network expertise to enable effective, real-time performance management and optimized battery design. Significantly improving performance and reducing costs of next-generation energy storage technologies, capabilities will range from inferring state and health information to predicting remaining life. The resulting commercial EV-grade battery module with embedded optical sensors and readout will undergo industry-standard validation at LGCPI's facilities. 

Printed Integral Batteries

PARC has developed a process that uses co-extrusion printing to simultaneously lower the cost of production and improve the resulting performance of batteries.  Co-extrusion is a low-cost manufacturing process that prints different materials together but keeps them from mixing. This fundamentally new process optimizes battery performance; batteries with co-extruded structured electrodes have shown increased energy densities of 20%. PARC will extend its research for co-extrusion printing to all three functional layers of a battery at one time to create a Printed Integral Battery. The technology will be a powerful driver for increased battery adoption.

Also learn more about PARC's Cleantech and Energy innovation program, including:

  • Adaptive energy management
  • Co-extrusion printing for higher energy/power battery electrodes
  • Breaking barriers to smart energy with Content-Centric Networking (CCN)
  • Solar reseach, design, and fabrication services
  • Low-energy, compact, and cost-effective separation for water treatment and recycling or precious resource recovery using hydrodynamic separation technology

PARC and ARPA-E News:

PARC Awarded $4M by ARPA-E to Develop Technologies to Improve Battery Performance 
Innovative Sensors Enable Batteries to Achieve Full Potential for Electric Vehicles and Grid Storage
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PARC Selected by ARPA-E for OPEN 2012 Program
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