Addressing Challenges in Unified Cross Platform and Scalable Architecture (Panel)



St. Regis Hotel 2011-12-08


Jatinder Singh

Addressing Challenges in Unified Cross Platform and Scalable Architecture (Panel)

Panel I:  Addressing Challenges in Unified Cross Platform and Scalable Architecture

Questions to be addressed:

  • Can current Internet Architecture be extended to accommodate scale and diversity of these smart devices? Can we extend Web Architecture and IP based networking to IoT model or Models?
  • How do we handle new and emerging connectivity and network protocol architecture of the system? Which of the communication interfaces (Zigbee, WiFi, 3G/4G, BT,6LoPAN, IEEE 802.15.4, ANTS) will be dominant? Does it matter?
  • Do we need new Programming models, tools, and Web-like APIs? Do we need, New IP and Web Services for the Internet of Things? Embedded Web models? Efficiency and code optimization? Meditation between various device-side protocols

Moderator: Scott De Deugd, Chief Architect Open Source Standards & Strategy, IBM


  • Jatinder Singh, Director Mobile Innovation Strategy, PARC
  • Faye Briggs, Intel Fellow & Director Scalable Server Architecture, Intel
  • Sachin Katti, Professor, Computer & Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

The Internet is entering into its third phase with billions of objects embedded with computers, machines, and sensors attaining new levels of communication power. The transpiring information networks carry a promising paradigm shift business environment – innovative business models, optimum operational models, and new marketplaces. The Scale and Diversity of these interconnected elements surpasses the traditional model of networking and IT management. Even though the widespread adoption of the IoT may take few years, however, it has great opportunities of new wealth generation and markets creation.

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