Art @ PARC: “Finding Strength” by Lynn Blodgett — artist reception



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Art @ PARC: “Finding Strength” by Lynn Blodgett — artist reception

We see the homeless everywhere – and yet, we don't really see them at all. The issue of homelessness has been with us for some 25 years now. And while many grew tired of this issue long ago, the homeless themselves never went away...  

To Lynn Blodgett the homeless aren't invisible. As part of a class assignment at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop, he photographed a homeless man and his son. Something about the encounter moved him and the resulting photos also touched his instructor, noted photographer Andrew Eccles. So Lynn went on to photograph the homeless in over a dozen cities, tirelessly dedicating himself to the task. Setting up shop outside of shelters after a full day of corporate meetings, he photographed his subjects standing in front of a white backdrop. Lynn used these encounters to capture the essence of his subjects, using the photos to show their grace and humanity while listening to their unique stories.

These portraits have been collected in Finding Grace: The Face of America's Homeless. The photographs there are offered, as he says in the book, "in the hope that we can develop the desire and courage to see beyond the inaccurate and exaggerated myths that all homeless people are lazy, addicted or crazy. If we look into these eyes, we will recognize our mothers, brothers and daughters, and we will discover talented musicians, bricklayers, stockbrokers, businesswomen and poets."

Lynn took another series of homeless photos in 2012, and it’s remarkable to observe how the post-recession portraits differ from his original series.

Finding Grace: The Face of America’s Homeless is part of the Finding Grace Homeless initiative, an emerging coalition of individuals and organizations aiming to increase awareness and raise money for homeless organizations. The coalition was founded by Lynn; his publisher Raoul Goff of Palace Press International; John McGah of Give US Your Poor; Mike Rawlings of the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance; and David Langness, VP of Public Relations for Fraser Communications. 

In addition the homeless series, this exhibit includes Lynn’s photographs of veterans, migrant workers, and falconer friends and family. Also included are portraits featuring the Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Project to note the variety of people with this heart problem.

100% of purchase donated to the charity of *your* choice.

The art will be on display from July 16-October 5

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