Art @ PARC: Michael Kern, “Finding Beauty in the Beast”






Art @ PARC: Michael Kern, “Finding Beauty in the Beast”

MIchael Kern
Artist Statement

From the graceful contours of wings in mid-flight to the splendid mosaic of scaled skin, photographer Michael Kern reveals elements of art brought to life. What began as a childhood fascination with reptiles and amphibians has evolved into a worldwide renowned collection of nature photography and a commitment to conservation.

Titled “Finding Beauty in the Beast,” Kern’s body of work includes intimate portraits that capture the spirit, diversity, and immense beauty of nature. His signature black backdrop and creative lighting illumine a vibrant palette of feathers, scales, and amphibious patterns that only nature could create.

By dazzling viewers with his intimate portraits, Kern hopes to instill reverence for all animals and dispel the misconceptions that vilify some of his favorite subjects. In the Scalidascope collection, fractured images and reflections of scale and feather detail evoke wonder, not fear.  

Kern’s vivid images also have captivated readers of many prominent nature magazines, calendars, and journals. His images have been utilized and are on display at several of the leading museums around the globe, including the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the British Museum of Natural History.

Beyond the lens, Kern supports various conservation efforts throughout the Bay Area. Leveraging his previous experience as a high tech consultant, he has served on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory and as Chief Operating Officer of the International Reptile Conservation Foundation. Currently, Michael is working with Pandemonium Aviaries, a bird sanctuary that houses 40 species of exotic and endangered birds, both with photography and refinement of their business strategy and back office processes. Michael is also embarking on two new conservation photography projects with the USGS and the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo.

More of Michael’s images can be found on his website:

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