Collective Intelligence as Community Discourse and Action





Gregorio Convertino

Collective Intelligence as Community Discourse and Action

Collective Intelligence (CI) research investigates the design of infrastructures to enable collectives to think and act intelligently -- even more intelligently than individuals. Technologies such as idea management or argumentation tools, blogs, wikis, chats, forums, Q&A sites, and social networks provide unprecedented opportunities for entire communities or organizations to express a discourse and act at a massive scale.

This workshop at CSCW 2012 on Collective Intelligence as Community Discourse and Action seeks to understand the forms of CI that can be constructed through discourse and action, which enables advanced forms of collective sensemaking such as idea generation and prioritization, argumentation, and deliberation. When does effective discourse help a collective outperform individuals? What functions should the next generation of social platforms support? How can we allow communities to efficiently manage many diverse ideas, argument, and deliberate? What patterns in discourse and action can be modeled computationally?

We invite contributions covering topics such as, but not limited to, the following -- see detailed theme descriptions here:

  • Collective Intelligence
  • Community Ideation and Idea management Systems
  • Argumentation
  • Online Deliberation
  • Online Discourse technologies – such as email, blogs, wikis, chats, web forums, Q&A sites, peer-rated news aggregators, social networks, ideation and argumentation tools
We welcome submissions in the form of Research Papers, Position Papers, and Demos which explore the relationship and interplay of Collective Intelligence and Online Discourse, and relates to the research themes above -- see submission guidelines here
  • All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed and judged on originality, technical correctness, relevance, and quality of presentation by the Organizing Committee.
  • Should the paper be accepted, at least one of the authors must attend the workshop to present the work.
Organizers/ Co-chairs
  • Dr. Anna De Liddo, The Open University
  • Dr. Simon Buckingham Shum, The Open University
  • Dr. Gregorio Convertino, Xerox Research Centre Europe [and] PARC
  • Dr. Ágnes Sándor, Xerox Research Centre Europe
  • Dr. Mark Klein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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