Commercializing Campus Technology


New Orleans, LA USA. Date of Talk: 10/3/2012


Mark J Stephenson

Commercializing Campus Technology

The Innovation Pavilion is the center of innovation at WEFTEC. Through partnershp with Imagine H2O and O2 Environmental, the most innovative companies will be featured as exhibitors in the pavilion. This includes the Imagine H2O finalists and winners, winners of the 2012 BlueTech Forum Showcase along with other innovative products and services. The Pavilion will include a theater where presentations will be given all week, such as the WEF Innovative Technology Award winners, the Operator Ingenuity Contest winners, and others. Because innovation is not just a new product, the Pavilion will include interactive displays of ingenious ideas. Commercializing Campus Technology Monday, October 1 | 1:30 pm 3:00 pm Universities and research institutes across the world have produced innovative technologies with straightforward lab to market journey culminating in the development of a commercial enterprise (e.g., Ostara, NanoH2O, Oasys). Many technologies have not made this journey and sit on a shelf waiting to be discovered. What does it take for successful commercialization? Moderator: Tyler Algeo, BlueTech Research Speakers: Ahren Britton, Chief Technology Officer, Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Ashish Aneja, Advanced Technologies Leader, GE Power & Water Jeff Guild, Business Manager, Environmental, Noram Engineering Mark Stephenson, Business Development Director, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) Yaniv Scherson, PhD Candidate, Stanford Univeristy David E. J. Garman PhD, Dean Schoolf of Freswater Sciences, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

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