Dealing with Risk and Uncertainty: How to Prepare Your Business for the Future



George E. Pake Auditorium 2006-03-08



Dealing with Risk and Uncertainty: How to Prepare Your Business for the Future

Please join us in welcoming Wharton Operations and Information Management Professor Eric Clemons back to the Bay Area. Prof. Clemons will host an interactive presentation applying the lessons of taking the surprise out of surprise and employing the power of pattern recognition in dealing with an uncertain world...and the implications of these lessons for the United States and the global economy.

Issues to be covered include:

Distinguishing between risk and uncertainty. With risk, you can play the odds. With uncertainty, you can't know the odds. What kinds of things can you do to impose structure and convert unknowable uncertainty into knowable risk?

How do you find patterns in business? What is Scenario Analysis, and how can it help us predict possible futures?

What is the role of history? How do we find similar patterns in business? How can pattern recognition and previous experience make the difference?

Implications for the Bay Area: Sometimes it seems as though the only certain thing for technology companies in particular— and for all of today's companies in general— is the mountain of uncertainty that they live with day in, day out and year in, year out. How can companies use these tools and processes to convert uncertainty to risk that they can proactively deal with?

Plan now to join us for a lively discussion with Prof. Clemons

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