Demand Response in the Residential Market – Hype or Hope?



George E. Pake Auditorium, PARC 2010-09-21


Eric Westoff
Mary Ann Piette
Mark W Toney
Scott Hublou
Jim Nichols

Demand Response in the Residential Market – Hype or Hope?

Demand Response is one of the biggest payoffs in residential Smart Grid infrastructure, and companies are lining up to offer sensors, control systems, and services to help consumers take full advantage of intelligent energy systems. Yet, while the load-leveling model has been proven in the industrial and commercial markets, the model for residential consumers has yet to be proven. Can residential low-cost energy capacity through large-scale peak shaving and load smoothing become a reality or are we simply chasing a dream?

Join a distinguished panel of experts from Cisco, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, EnerNOC, TURN, and Ecofactor as they explore the value proposition and engagement models for demand response in the residential market:

  • How to establish a simple and compelling model that benefits the consumer while leveraging open standards?
  • What lessons can be learned from the industrial/commercial markets to ensure uptake in the residential market and will a smart grid rollout require the use of a carrot, a stick or both?
  • Who is watching out for consumers, particularly regarding security and privacy?
  • What are the efficiency payoffs of and what is the realistic timeline for the implementation of large-scale residential demand response?
  • Where are the most promising business growth opportunities?

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