Emerging Networks Consortium — Fall Summit 2012






Emerging Networks Consortium — Fall Summit 2012

Emerging Networks Consortium (ENC) will hold its second 2012 summit at PARC on October 15th and 16th. The invitation-only event will be attended by delegates from ENC member organizations that include Alcatel-Lucent, BT, France Telecom-Orange, HCL, Huawei, MACH, Panasonic Corporation, and Samsung.

The summit will involve technical and strategic talks and discussions on Content-Centric Networking (CCN) and its impact on businesses represented by the member companies. The members will also exchange their experiences based on CCN implementations across various domains, as well as hold dedicated working group sessions targeting specific use cases being pursued by the ENC community. The course and future evolution of ENC will also be discussed as part of the summit.


Day 1: Monday, 15 October 2012

8:00 - 8:45am        Steering Committee Breakfast Meeting 

8:15 - 8:45am        General Arrival and Registration 

8:45 - 9:00am        Opening: Overview and ENC updates, Jatinder Singh, PARC

9:00 - 10:00am      Keynote: Content-Centric Networking - On Synchronization MechanismsVan Jacobson, PARC Research Fellow

10:00 - 10:15am    Break 

Session I: Content-Centric Networking: Updates and Developments 

10:15 - 11:00am    CCN Community UpdateGlenn Edens, PARC

11:00 - 11:45am    Named Data Networking: Experimentation with the New ArchitectureLixia Zhang, UCLA

11:45am - 1:00pm Lunch  

Session 2: Evolving Networking Architectures and Solutions With CCN 

1:15 - 2:00pm         Video Delivery in ISP Networks Using CCNBarry Crabtree, British Telecom

2:00 - 2:45pm         Network Congestion at Flow Level: Statistical Resource Sharing in CCNLuca Muscariello, France Telecom-Orange

2:45 - 3:15pm         Break

3:15 - 4:00pm         Custodian Based Information Sharing for CCNMarc Mosko, PARC

4:00 - 4:45pm         On the Throughput Capacity of Information-centric Networks, Bita Azimdoost, Huawei

4:45 - 5:00pm         Day-1 Conclusion, Jatinder Singh, PARC

5:00 - 6:30pm         Break and travel to restaurant 

6:30 - 8:30pm         Dinner

MacArthur Park

27 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301



Day 2: Tuesday, 16 October 2012

7:45 - 8:15am       Arrival 

8:15 - 8:30am       Overview, Glenn Edens, PARC 

8:30 - 9:00am       Keynote: PARC Overview, Stephen Hoover, CEO of PARC

9:00 - 9:15am       Break 

Session 1: ENC Working Group Break-out Sessions, Coordinated by Working Groups Leads 

9:15 - 11:30am    WG1: Content Delivery in Mobile Networks

                               WG2: Home and Social Networking

                               WG3: Business Models and Markets

                               WG4: Content Security

                               WG5: Internet of Things 

11:30am - 12:00pm  Working Groups Common Convene, Working Group Leads

12:00 - 1:00pm    Lunch 

1:00 - 2:00pm      ENC Structure and Next Phase Evolution Models, Marc Radcliffe, DLA Piper 

Session 2: CCN Applicability for Consumer Electronics and IoT Sectors

2:00 - 2:45pm     CCN Deployment in Home and Social Networks, BJ Lee, Samsung 

2:45 - 3:30pm     On Content-Centric Networking SecurityErsin Uzun, PARC 

3:30 - 3:45pm     Break 

3:45 - 4:30pm     CCN Applicability and Uses Cases for Internet of ThingsRavi Ravindran, Huawei 

4:30 - 5:00pm     ENC Community Discussion, PARC and ENC Members

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