Form & Function for the IoT


June 25, 2019; San Jose, CA


Janos Veres

Form & Function for the IoT

PARC scientist Janos Veres will speak at the Sensors Expo's Pre-Conference Symposium 4: Paper, Plastic & Fabric: New Platforms Enabling Commercialization Opportunities for Printed, Flexible, Stretchable & Functional Fabric Sensors & Sensor-based Systems. This Pre-Conference Symposium addresses the design and manufacturing of sensors and sensor-based systems enabled using paper, plastic and fabric platforms. Speakers, who represent the international “who’s who” in this topical area, present several interesting printed, flexible, stretchable, and functional fabric sensor technologies and their applications currently under development and in production in the commercial sector as well those under development in the leading research universities and research labs around the world. They also address several other electronic functionalities e.g. batteries, memory/logic and the challenges of their packaging and integration with other functional element of solutions to various applications including Internet of Things and wearables. They address various manufacturing issues including the selection of materials and inks, batch mode and continuous printing processes and assembly/integration approaches to create these heterogeneous and hybrid solutions. Finally, they present barriers to the successful commercialization of these sensors and recommended strategies for market success.

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