Gunn High/PARC Robotics Team



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Gunn High/PARC Robotics Team

PARC Sponsored Gunn High Wins Regional Awards,

National Competition Starts 4/11

This past month, the FIRST Robotics Competition Regional events were held around the country. The PARC sponsored Gunn High School Robotics Team (GRT) competed in the Silicon Valley Regional and the Arizona regional. Out of the roughly 40 teams at both events, GRT placed second in Arizona and won many awards including: the leadership in control award, the Autodesk Animation award, the GM Industrial Design Award, and the Imagery award. The Silicon Valley Volunteer of the Year award went to former GRT student Ken Leung and Ken Krieger, a 3 year GRT mentor.

Based on their performance at the regionals they have a good chance of doing very well at the nationals both in the robot competition and the animation competition. It should be fun to watch.

You can watch the events live on NASA's webcast cick here

GRT is team 192 in the Newton division.

The students will also write "dispatches" click here


Friday April 11

(Houston time)

9:15AM Qualification Matches Begin

5:45PM Qualification Rounds Conclude

Saturday, April 12, 2003

(Houston time)

8:30AM -11:30AM Qualification Matches (last 35 rounds)

11:45AM-12:00AM Alliance selection on divisional fields

1:00PM - 2:45PM Divisional Elimination Matches

3:30PM - 5:30PM Finals and Awards in Stadium

PARC has had a long association with the GRT, and has been both a financial supporter and a source of mentors for the team over the past 6 years. PARC alum Scott Minneman will accompany the team to Houston, where the National Championships take place April 10-13. This year the team is numbered 192 and named "Gunn High School & PARC".

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