Learning to create engaging apps for Facebook: What works & what does not



George E. Pake Auditorium 2007-12-11



Learning to create engaging apps for Facebook: What works & what does not

In September 2007, psychologist BJ Fogg teamed up with startup-advisor Dave McClure to teach a new Stanford course about using metrics to create engaging Facebook apps. They knew the risks: The course could end up a spectacular failure. Now in December, their experimental Facebook course is complete after 10 busy weeks. So what did they learn working with a teaching team and 73 Stanford students?

For the first time in public, Fogg and McClure will share the course outcomes -- both good and bad. Stanford students will take the stage as they demo their new Facebbok apps and share inside stories about what worked and what did not.

You will see:

* Why over 4 million Facebook users installed the student apps in six weeks

* Why over 1 million people engage with the student apps each day

* How some apps targeted user engagement while others were designed for wide distribution

* Why many first attempts at creating viral apps failed

* How metrics can be applied to product development and marketing

* Why Facebook is #1 persuasive technology of 2007

* How class insights apply to many web experiences for consumers

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