Medical Device Ventures: From Early Stage Considerations To Late Stage Outcomes



George E. Pake Auditorium 2005-12-01



Medical Device Ventures: From Early Stage Considerations To Late Stage Outcomes

o you have a great idea

  • Do you know how potential investors will evaluate your concept? Have you prepared to address the criteria used for investment decisions? What are the factors that can derail your new venture?

    In September 2005, the local investment community and Stanford Biodesign Group sponsored the Emerging Entrepreneurs In Biomedical Technology Workshop. Using interactive presentations and dialogue with VC Partners, Founders and CEOs of private and public companies, every stage in the life of a new biomedical technology venture was addressed in this two day workshop. The event was a resounding success in preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs and building a network of associations in this field.

    IBMS is pleased to be able to provide you with excerpts from this workshop. Leslie Bottorff, General Partner at ONSET Ventures, and Rich Lotti, President & CEO of Converge Medical, two of the faculty members at this workshop, will present at this month's IBMS event.

    Leslie Bottorff will spotlight the differences in perspective between those that are selling a concept and those buying one. She also will review the way companies are characterized, the key risks associated with value creation, and how concepts are evaluated in terms of market size and dynamics, reimbursement and distribution.

    Rich Lotti will present two case studies that highlight the challenges that new ventures face in the context of key decisions made at CardioThoracic Systems and Converge Medical. The factors contributing to the complexity, timing and implication of each decision will be discussed with the audience.

    This IBMS event provides a great venue for the biomedical technology professionals to network and gain insight into the creation and management of new ventures in this field. Refreshments will be served prior to the presentations.

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