The Economist Innovation Summit: Fresh Thinking for the Ideas Economy



Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley 2010-03-23


Mark Bernstein

The Economist Innovation Summit: Fresh Thinking for the Ideas Economy

About the Innovation Summit:

The Economist believes that the world is governed by ideas, and has launched this new series of events that brings together top thinkers from around the world to discuss and debate the most important ideas of our time.

The inaugural event, Innovation: fresh thinking for the ideas economy, is expected to expand and possibly overturn established thinking about what innovation is, where it comes from, and how to make it work.

Some of today’s top global innovators will examine and iterate on the genesis of good ideas, the great challenges of the twenty-first century, the question of whether we live in a flat world, the costs and benefits of crowdsourcing, the power of social entrepreneurship, the role of government in catalysing innovation, leveraging failure, finding innovation in a crisis, organising the teams of tomorrow, the phenomenon of reverse innovation, the future of open innovation, and how old economy actors are being disrupted in the new economy.

Whether the impetus is to improve customer relationships, develop new products and services, explore untapped markets, or improve efficiency, companies today must implement more than just an R&D strategy to survive and thrive. Regardless of geography or industry, an organisation lives or dies by how it innovates.

List of speakers

About the panel:

The money problem (the economics of innovation)

Moderated by Greg Ip, US Economics Editor, The Economist, this panel will discuss:

  • Is innovation useless without consumption
  • Do financial restraints force companies to innovation down?
  • How do you cultivate disruptive innovation in sectors with high barriers to entry (aerospace, pharma)
  • Are there benefits to downward innovation?

Other panelists include: Amar Bhide, author, The Venturesome Economy; Amy Wilkinson, Scholar on Entrepreneurial Leadership from Woodrow Wilson Center; and Lawrence Summers, Former Secretary of US Treasury & President of Harvard University.

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